Gran / Crystal Soda Cream @ SUB Graz, 8.5.2013

amazing show yesterday. Crystal Soda Cream played a second show in Graz, after playing with the Raveonettes yesterday. good call. a shitload of smoke, noise and wonderful people. loved it. check the bands out here, you won´t regret it:


Crystal Soda Cream

Wilhelm show me the Major Label



sub-3992 sub-3997 sub-4000 sub-4006 sub-4008 sub-4009

Crystal Soda Cream:

sub-4015 sub-4017 sub-4020 sub-4021 sub-4027 sub-4033 sub-4048 sub-4049 sub-4052 sub-4054 sub-4057 sub-4058 sub-4067 sub-4070 sub-4074 sub-4076 sub-4077 sub-4088

show´s over, folks. thanks.


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