Lendwirbel: Fettkakao/Numavi Stage

no need to write too much, awesome show, awesome people, it rained, i dropped my camera at some point and took some pictures. look now, click the links, be nice to each other.





https://www.facebook.com/potsnakes   (this is “bad weed”, dont get confused)


Jesus Christ Super Distortion:

sub-3642 sub-3643 sub-3646 sub-3647 sub-3648

Just Friends and Lovers:

sub-3652 sub-3658 sub-3659

Bad Weed:

sub-3679 sub-3680 sub-3683  sub-3687 sub-3692 sub-3693 sub-3694 sub-3698 sub-3705 sub-3706 sub-3708 sub-3709 sub-3710 sub-3711 sub-3712 sub-3713 sub-3714 sub-3724 sub-3726 sub-3732 sub-3743 sub-3749

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