freedom was born some time ago.

so, it has been 7 years for the Freedom Skateshop Graz, and to celebrate that i unearthed some pictures from times past. Featuring nearly all Freedom riders, except the ones that arent featured. Sorry guys. (Jan, i am pretty sure that you had sex on my couch, so see that as my getback to you.)

Sadly, i couldnt find any pictures from the guys behind the shop, so let me say it like this: Thank you Mike, Stuff and of course Markus. Keep up the good work.

Christian Thomann, Fs Boardslide on a damn rough downhill rail.


Philipp Gosch, sw Pivot to fakie


Herwig Hornich, “transfer” fs Tailslide


Luki Krobath, Fs Tailslide


Andreas Maier, Fs 180 over the ledge


Maximilian Hummel, bs Smith


Patric Marx, Bs Ollie


Robert Sartori, Nollie Bigspin Noseslide Bigspin outrobs

Simon Fuchshofer, Bs Ollie


Now, for 7 more years!

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