manic monday.

well, its monday. university starts again. kinda. no blogupdates in a long time, too. thats gonna change again. this week. for starters, have some energy pills i found laying in the streets.sub-1097

4 thoughts on “manic monday.

  1. Lol! We found some vials in a hotel room once, and we were thinking, “no way! what kind of weirdo leaves his drugs just rolling around underneath a cheap hotel bed?”, but it turns out they were just refills for an e-cigarette. No crimestoppers reward for me that day — oh well.

    1. haha, how did you find out that it was something that specific? was it written on there or just a good (as in “lets hope the best”) guess?

      thanks for following btw

      1. It had a number printed on it, and I knew from my days working in the pharmacy that these codes are always specific to a particular item, so I looked it up in a drug database and came up blank, so silly me, I decided to Google second (always Google first – lol) and out popped a picture of the same thing I had in my hand.

        I don’t know if you keep track of how your followers find you, but if so, I found you from a wordpress search of “Österreich”. Great blog you’ve got here!

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