The Hunters / Heroes´n´Ghosts @ Sub Graz, 28.2.2013

how long has it been since my last concert pictures? seasons have come and gone, continents have formed and species have come to life and become extinct again. i think. anyway, yesterday i had the pleasure to enjoy the wonderful Hunters from Canada and the magnificient Heroes´n´Ghosts from Graz live. i strongly encourage you to check out both bands if you dont know them.

:The Hunters:

sub-0952 sub-0959 sub-0967 sub-0968 sub-0970 sub-0979 sub-0981 sub-0990 sub-0993 sub-0995 sub-0996 sub-1001  sub-1006sub-1004

the man of the hour. or hours, to be exact. treating our ears with the most wonderful tunes.sub-1005


the key to a proper punkrock show lies in a properly planned setlist. the heroes know that.


sub-1013 sub-1018 sub-1026 sub-1055 sub-1063 sub-1068 sub-1069 sub-1071 sub-1073 sub-1075 sub-1076 sub-1082 sub-1084

thanks to everyone for showing up.

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