september stairs

this is some older stuff that i wanted to share. not because i havent updated in some time, oh no.. well, maybe. but that doesnt mean that it aint good stuff!

the guys wanted to jump down some stairs, god knows why.

phil being confident.

1 11

still confident. herwig is stoked.

1 12

mind games.

1 10

while the guys check the spot, i climb around in trees and on roofs to find a proper angle.

1 9

luki approves of my angle.

1 8

the struggle.

1 7

screw this. (not pictured: herwig landing his awesome trick and me fucking up the sequence. its all about communication.)

1 6

it wouldnt be austria if there werent some old people disapproving of what younger people do.

1 5


1 4

majestic flying.

1 3

game over. so close. (click for bigger size.)


1 1over it.

1 2

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