Budablog, pt 2

day 2. its colder today. great introduction, i know. what did i learn today? budapest has a lot of buildings. and streets. also: vegan restaurants that claim to be closed but are open. dogs that look like sheep. and weird transportation, as you will see later.

this woman just thought of all the people that died before her.


hungarian hospitality.IMG_9849

lots of food. mostly skinned animals and politically correct memorabilia.IMG_9899

lets see: stalin, obama and che guevara next to each other? check.IMG_9904

“the beatles”, elvis, obama and bin laden? double check!IMG_9907

the city.IMG_9952

more city.IMG_0022

look  close. notice anything?IMG_0038

maybe now? yes. its an amphibic bus. amazing.


read you later.

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