Apologies, i have none / Crazy Arm / The Liberation Service @ Sub Graz, 27.11.12

theres those concerts that simply remind you why you love music so much. yesterday was one of those.

The Liberation Service

If there was an award for “most smiles on stage”, TLS would get it every year.

it was nearly impossible to capture cis. that little guy has more energy than a 8year old on RedBull.

Crazy Arm

so here´s the thing: i missed Crazy Arm. i was somewhere in the back, show started, no way to get up front. it was pretty obvious that people were having a hell of a time though.

i cannot determine if one of the guys has a disfigured arm, but i am pretty sure thats not where their name is from.

Apologies i have none

I have been waiting to see these guys again for so long, their new album simply kills it. and so does their live-performance. mind = blown. again.

People were quite satisfied, to say the least. Thanks to all the guys that made this amazing evening possible, and of course thanks to all the bands as well. Take some time and check them out:




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