Dave Music-Hause

“it´s great to be gay, it sucks to be christian.” thats what dave hause had to say, amongst other things as dealing with guys that yelled “rebellious” stuff and having to drink cheap whiskey. it was a great show, so here are some pictures.

Jack Holmes

this dude. i cannot remember his name, i just thought that he wasnt fitting into this thing at all. had more of a casting-show vibe to me. sorry if i am wrong, but that was my impression.

Dave Hause

sorry, but theres gonna be the same angle over and over again, the house was simply too packed and i didnt want to disturb the groupies up front. they were all so much in love with him.

this is one of those blurry, out of focus pictures that simply are the goddamn best.

the show is over, folks.

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