can´t someone else do it?

if you skate and havent lived under a rock or in some russian workcamp for the last few years you might have noticed a new trend. no, i am not talking about skateboarders whoring out for corporate sponsors and major brands buying their way into skateboarding (sorry for the old guy rant, but this had to be), i am talking about the DIY trend.

DIY stands for DoItYourself and it has become nearly impossible to flip through a magazine or watch a video without seeing some of those sweet, creative, hard to skate spots. and who didnt think “whoa, that stuff seems nice. i wanna have something like that too.”

well, if you actually know what DIY means you might understand that it wont happen just by pure accident. somebody will have to step up and do it. and this is exactly what happened in Graz. i wont go to deep into details, especially since there arent that many, but a brave crew of passionate guys started building, and they built good.

so see this as some kind of inspiration, go out and do it.

also, watch the pictures. print them out. hang them in your toilet. be inspired while taking a dump.

thanks to the main guys, you know who you are, you did some great work. and for everyone that skates this spot, why not contribute something? build something yourself, treat the spot with respect and maybe pay the guys a beer if you meet them.

this shouldnt be something i have to tell you, dont be assholes.

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