new shit has come to light

holy crap, 1 month and 17 days without new stuff on here. i must have been pretty busy, right?

WRONG. i was just lazy. a goddamn lazy, old, non-irish man. but hey, now everything has changed again. i am off crystal meth (knock on wood), my hair and skin starts growing back and i can speak full sentences again, like “i pack of firewood please.”

see, works perfectly.

on semi-related news, i got a new camera, which means my pictures will automatically be much better, because thats what new cameras do, right?

here is a picture of me, dressed up as a woman, meditating on a soldiers graveyard. i sometimes like to dress up and have walks on graveyards, its a skateboarder-thing, you wouldnt understand it.

so, what does that mean now? new camera, no hard synthetical drugs, euro-zone in recession? well, i will try to offer more quality content again.

even higher quality than this post.


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