Cis / Greg Rekus / Migre Le Tigre

So, think about this scenario: its monday, you are sitting at home, your crystal meth addicted wive and 3 children that are total justin bieber and twilight fans are constantly nagging when your amazing family will finally move into a 2-room trailer and all you want is to just sit there and watch Mario Barth or some other german comedian perform his amazing comedy.

so what do you do? damn right, you go to the Sub in Graz and enjoy some fine music from fine fellas with fine instruments.

i took a new approach here. i will only post 1 picture per act. “WHY?” you might ask? its totally not that i was too tired to take more or that i only had my fisheye while it would´ve been a perfect chance to use some other lenses as well.

its totally not that.

the reason is… art.. or something intellectual like that. you get the idea.

first off: a total stranger. i have never seen this person before or any of his bands. so it was totally surprising to see him there. apparently he knows where the toilets are in this fine etablissement. so i tried to become friends with him by using my flash to blind him. worked perfectly.

next up was a nice canadian guy that likes to involve his audience in his shows and apparently hates wood, since he kept on stomping around on it like a mad man.

only 3 guys playing, a short monday i would say. still it was too long for me since i went home before the last show ended. i am an old, fragile woman. the picture i put here isnt my best one of him, but simply look at Flozi: sitting there, admiring him with pure love in his eyes. amazing.

so, that was it. a nice cosy night with friends and music. me gusta. see you next time.

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