the breadcrumbs need you.

its true, the monster of blog-ness has resurfaced. and to make matters worse: this time we need you, my dear reader. yes, times are tough. greek people continue to protest, spanish people continue to have extra long siestas, german people go on germaning and everywhere else there is trouble too.

so now you might think “TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT ALREADY!”, so here it is: i have a battle going with a fellow friend that is pictured with my picture-camera in the following picture-pictures. we have 2 different styles of processing for each, and now we need YOU to help me decide if i should go on copying his style to make people love me more or if i am supreme already. so here we go.

first things first: this is gonna be totally unbiased. totally. you know me.

first picture: this version is great.

this is the second version of the picture. as mentioned, i am totally unbiased towards this clearly worse picture. but hey, make your own impression

2nd picture. again, the first one is great, just like the person that processed it. handsome, sharp, male, cat-loving. nothing more to add.

2nd version of the 2nd picture: clearly, this picture shows the homo-erotic tendencies of the person that worked on it (and goddamnit, no, whatever rumor you hear no the streets, THATS NOT ME.)

3rd picture. dont know what to write. this is just manliness, redefined.

2nd version. oh my. even the dust-spots on the sensor are still there. okay, one might say “thats the idiotic photographers fault.” but thats not what i would say. and no, that i am the photographer totally isnt the reason.

so thats it. please help us out here. to vote, please train an eel to find its way through the canalization to us, then put him in your sink and tattoo your vote on its back.

or use the comments-section.

or facebook.

peace out.

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