nocturnal picture hunt

what the fuck? i didnt update this compendium of pure poetry and strikingly perfect images, used a title that actually features words with different first letters and people still dont realize that cats are the most amazing life-form on earth? yes, the mayans must´ve been right, the end is near indeed.

but dont worry, i am here to help you escape that boring, cat-free, alcohol-ridden, moronic life that we all live.

“how will you bring us the relief we all have been waiting for for so damn long? HOW DO YOU DARE TO OFFER A SOLUTION?” you might ask.

well, for starters, i have pictures. for the main course, i have the end of this blog-update. and for dessert i have your return to your moronic, boring, cat-free… (and so on and so on, you get the idea) life. enjoy!

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