Remedy Release – Show with Remedy, Heroes´n´Ghosts, The Liberation Service, BHF

After a break that felt like ages, the breadcrumbs proudly present some new concert-pics. And luckily for me, it was an awesome Show with wonderful, good smelling, well mannered people that totally didn’t party until 6am and then ate all the freshly baked salzstangerl my mom had made while discussing problems on my breakfast-table. Well, at least some of them didn’t.

I missed the first band, Warehouse Effect, but they looked cute. And played coversongs. So just imagine a cute band playing coversongs and then you won’t miss my crappy pics.

Next up was BHF, which I didn’t know before.

They were cute as well.

Then 3 guys that like to sleep on floors and drink exotic vodka-mix-drinks in small styrian town-bars played. They were missing one band member though. They are called Heroes’n’ghosts. (funny sidenote: my mobile phone tried to make me write herpes’n’ghosts. Smartphones, huh?)

they were cute.

Next up were the always amazing Liberation Service. And damn me, they rocked the kasbah. It would’ve been perfect if their violin-player would’ve played as well, but she decided that the way from England was too far. Next time!

they were cute.

And then the reason we were there showed up: Remedy were here to celebrate the release of their EP. And release they did. Releasing a shitload of awesome songs that is.

they were cute.

It was a great night. Can’t wait for the next concerts. Maybe with less afterparty this time.

Or maybe not.

also, please check out the websites of the great bands that night, maybe you can make it to their next shows. its worth it.

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