saying “so long” swedish style

so, i am back in austria. it took some time getting used to, but now we are back to the usual: buying beer at the regular supermarket, speaking german, seeing nazis that might become the next prime minister interviewed on TV, nothing changed.

but hey, there is something i didnt show you yet: my super sweet 16. no, wait, i meant goodbye-party.

lets start with some german/swedish handsomeness.

handsome, aren´t they? sure they are. first group-picture. left-side of the party.

someone has to start eating. in this case, hassan was the brave soldier.

simon didnt give a fuck about my “fastfood only” rule and made palatschinken. next time i wont be that soft on you, man. rules are rules.

luciens new camera got a lot of facetime that day.

thats what belgians call “eating”. okay, they may have a government now, but they are far from having nice eating-manners.

“my god, i hope he isnt taking a picture.” well, i am, romina. i am.

apparently the story was so awesome that jonas nearly stopped eating. nearly.

fine cuisine. cuisine is french. another word i learned in french is putain. good times.

the ceremonial opening of the package. “ooooh, its schnitzel!”

thats a simon.

“you arent taking a picture, right?” no, of course not.

“dude..” dont worry, i aint taking pictures.

belgian stare.

lucien got too confident. they had to cut him down. by throwing him out. out of the window, that is.

more people in this picture. as you can see.


straight up gangsterism.

“please stefan, dont take a picture!” well, sorry.

“but you promise that you will delete it and dont put it online, right?” sure thing, baby!

well, what to say here. emotions all over the place.

last view at my room. soon, i would be sleeping and my time in sweden would be over. can´t believe how fast the time went by.

i fucking love all you guys.

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