writing world-wide-web-words.

so, i know, i have been slacking with updates. the reason isn´t plain lazyness or the lack of new pictures, it goes way deeper. you see, i am simply stressed with eating salad, doing dishes, looking outside the window, packing my stuff in sweden, caring about the environment, thinking about kitties, not doing university stuff, drinking tea, pushing the snooze-button on my alarm in the morning, thinking about how many shoes i will leave here, charging my cell phone, buying grapefruits, ruining socks (yes, socks.), not paying bills, looking at walls and just general hustling.


you see, i am a busy man.




look at this picture.

its nothing special, but still, i didnt want to have a words-only-post. you know, reading sucks, and stuff. and we dont want to be suckers, or do we?

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