doing dog-driving during darkness

sorry for the extremely long lack of updates. i was busy. i tried breeding bees and elefants to a 1 ton heavy honey harvesting super animal with amazing memory and a giant sting.
didnt work out. but i learned 1 thing: if you dream about something, you won´t necessarily be able to create it.

so, since it fits this introduction perfectly, here is my story about riding dogsleds in kiruna.

it started at around 2 PM, of course it was getting really really dark already. the dogs arrived, we got dressed up in our arctic suits and got ready.

dont worry, this is just the transport box that the dogs were in. i am pretty sure the dude takes good care of them, he seemed like he really likes dogs. like, really a lot. maybe too much. maybe he gets weird with them. i don´t know. but damn it, look at the eyes of this dog.

you all know that i have the heart, bodily smell and mobile phone of a true artist. so look at this picture. it tells you a story of adventure, unknown future ahead. and image noise. lots of noise. it was dark, my iso was up all the way. i am sorry.

finally! shveta got to touch her beloved dogs. sadly there were other people around, so she couldn´t get as “intimate” as she wanted to.

would you believe that those small dogs would carry the weight of some stupid erasmus students? me neither. but they did, very well. they also had some bonus features, but i´ll tell you about that later.

markus had the pleasure of being a DRIVER! amazing. here he gets instructed. “if i slow down, you slow down. thats it.”

“get ready!”

see, it was starting to get dark. and the area we are driving right now is a giant lake. its frozen now.

looking back on the city.

driving through the woods. it was so silent, simply amazing. well, there were some sounds. guess which? dog farts. yes, the dogs were farting. and i´ve never smelled that smelly farts. amazing.

time for a break. fire, coffe, cake. amazing.

pictured on the right side: the master of dogs. not pictured: him biting the dogs in the ear. thats the way he shows them who is boss. no one of us dared to question him. i didnt want to get bitten. but he was an amazing dude. stories for days.

after that, some sauna-ing, eating and some partying happened. the partying was fun. the whole trip was fun.

thank you so much guys.

oh, and northern lights: FUCK YOU.

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