Bussing to kiruna.

See, I started a new blog-entry. I thought after 20h on the road, I thought its just fine. If you have a problem with that, please meet me at the Lidl-Supermarket in Graz-Gries with a giant “I HATE TURKISH PEOPLE” Sign at midnight.

16.29: we stopped at some town. About 20h on the road now. It’s really snowy. And cold. 90mins left. maybe.


Pictured above: snow and night.

17.30: Hassan starts punching the lights in the bus. I understand that. They are bright and annoying. Outside its darker than inside a reindeers butt. Markus is spreading rumours.

18.18: we are here. Finally. The amazing bus-driver took us to a supermarket to shop food and wait for our guide. The people here look weird, small gangsters and old people. As Hassan put it perfectly: This seems like Skäggetorp here… Luckily, our cabin (maybe) will be in a not so residential area.


19.00: perfectly on time(well, 5h late..) we get picked up and drive to our cabin. Again, the speed of driving is crazy. They drive faster on snow than in summer.



Markus is warming his feet. With the awesome power of fire.


We have about 1000 times more luxury than I expected. We have a washing mashine, pictures of moose on the walls, 5 chairs, 4 windows and a couch. This seems as if its gonna be amazing. Fuck yeah.

00.12: so, get a load of that: after having a great dinner in our amazing cabin we had a amazing sauna-session. I sweated more than.. a person that sweats a lot. It was simply too good. Sauna, then jumping in the snow, then repeating it. Right now we are cosy, watching a movie, the fire from the fireplace is heating us. Unreal.


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