Fear and loathing in the train to kiruna

Finally, our trip to kiruna, a city in the very north of Sweden, was about to start. There we are, 1 French, 1 Belgian, 1 austro-Indian, 1 austro-Egyptian and 2 real Austrians, at the train station packed with the warmest clothes we could find plus several kilos of cheese, ham, gin, vodka and chewing-gum, eagerly awaiting the departure for our 16h train-ride, when it happened: 40min delay. Nice start. Byebye train, hello burger-king.


21.08: I never thought I would see the day where a woman gives herself the nickname “holy cow”, but there we are. Leave it to Indian girls to pick their nicknames.

21.23: we are playing with pieces of paper. seriously. Small children point at us and say “you are stupid.”

21.30: we are now at 1hour delay. We are not amused.


22.08: train here.


22.18: Time to get rid of our shoes. “it stings the nostrils.”



22.57: “dont worry, I changed my socks, nobody will fart now.” Ah okay, no need to worry then.

Also, big brother is watching us.


23.07: Markus used his superior engineer-brain to mount our mobile entertainment-unit.


23.55: broken CDs are flying through the compartment.

00.21: we get the first warning to be silent. We don’t know why. We farted very silently. And hardly any other crazy sounds.


00.41: Hassan, telling people to fuck-off since 1989.

00.45: Hassan: “a piece of chip just propelled out if my mouth.”

01.22: when you meet people on the train while wearing wet pants (gravity won again) and wearing a cat-shirt they will look at you in a strange manner.

01.52: SNOW!


Hassan: “are we in Barcelona?”


01.57: according to the train-woman, we were “loudy”. We are sleeping now. Seriously. Silenty.


09.02: we woke up. Snow everywhere, finally. Shveta thought she saw an elk, but it was just a tree. Then she saw another elk, but it was just a tree again.


Beautiful people.

10.52: coffee: check. Breakfast including 1kg of cheese: in progress.


11.32: we are at 2.45h of delay. Apparently we get some bus to catch the other train or something. Okay. Outside there is snow. Inside it smells like cheese and feet. Which means cheese again.


13.32: after 16h train-ride, we still aren’t there. Instead we have to change to a bus that will hopefully bring is there.but since its Sweden we get free drinks and sandwiches for the inconvenience.

Also, we are trying to reach the side that is supposed to catch us at the train-station in kiruna to tell him that we will be 4h late, but we can’t reach him. Fuck. Not even the great free grape-lemonade helps now.

14.13: we finally reached Thomas, our guide and told him about the “small” delay.

Also, its 2 now and starting to get really dark. Sweden, huh?

The bus-driver on the other hand has a quite southern-European driving style. The bus is going really really fast on completely snowy roads. Now I know why he wanted all our luggage in the back…

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