eating stuff to celebrate jesus.

so, the fine folks at ESN managed to create a great christmas-dinner for exchange students. thank you very much! food was eaten, pictures were taken, blog-updates written, written blogupdates read 3 days later.

(i just came home from an exam, i am not very creative i am afraid. sorry. if you want to complain, send your hatemail to

so, lets start.  maybe you wouldn´t have guessed it, but yes, there was some queueing. amazing.

to prove my incredible creativity, i took the same picture again, but while kneeing. the results are stunning.

stefan lindz. seriously? lindz?

living like kings. broke, foreign, hungry, waiting kings.

suddenly, some kind of christmas-kukluxklan elves or something arrived and sang.

they also had some kind of lighting-device on their head.

only in sweden. amazing.

time to hit the buffet!

yes, thats vegetarian. and yes, it looks like a dick and 2 balls, right? i know how to serve food in a yummy way for sure.

communist santa-people arrived and sang their wonderful songs of christmas, nuclear warheads and faked elections.

dinner over, time to hit the pre-party for the after-party. or something like that.


thoughts from left to right:

“am i handsome enough today? i am not sure. better check my hair again.”

“why is my head not pictured?”

“come on, take a snus, are you afraid? chickenchickenchickenchicken”


“why am i on a picture on my own camera?”

this picture already went online on facebook, but come on, its too good to be spared here. snus makes you gangsta.

also, sexy.

see? sexy and he knows it.

thats at around 2:30 when the party was over. the handsome californian guy on the right would leave the next day. “no like”.

beautiful women are always welcome on this blog.

perfectly focused, low iso shot of brian. its impossible to picture him without a smile. all the best to you, man.

lets finish this update with some french faces. actually, only one.

it was fun.

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