calm, collected, cellphone.

you won´t believe it , maybe, but i didnt have any time/inspiration/money/lamp to go out and take pictures. i also didnt take my camera to any party or 14h-queueing session. and i also didnt film anything skate-related. so whats the point in this post, you might ask? IS THAT ASSHOLE FOOLING ME AGAIN WITH A POINTLESS POST THAT ONLY CONTAINS WORDS? I HATE READING.

no, there are pictures (made with my incredibly amazing cell phone. it can call people AND send texts, its worth every single cent).

but also words. its a win-lose situation for both picture-haters and non-readers. its winwin for picture-lovers and read-.. likers. or so.

and it sure as hell is WINWIN for people that dont read this post, because they dont get stupider because of all the shit i put in here.

this first picture here is from paris. yes, motherfuckers, i was in paris once. i sat on the stairs in front of sacre coeur, had a bottle of the cheapest red wine with a friend, and enjoyed the view. amazing.

this is from a toilet in austria. i dont think there is anything to add here.

more toilet-poetry!

okay, lets face it, i am a weirdo. 3 toilet-related pictures in a row? get the fuck outta here. but still, this is simply amazing: its in stockholm, and unless you are a midget, there is no way to sit on it regularly because the thrashbin blocks you.

here you see a belgian in his traditional wedding-costume. please also take a look at that amazing face behind his right shoulder.

i know that most of you already know that i am the master of the universe with a brain filled with the knowledge of centuries and a body sculpted by the gods themselves, but sometimes even i surprise myself. i finished a game of Cricket with 3 darts in the center ring. electric, simply electric.

this is traditional swedish party-food. doesnt it look amazing?


pictured here is a french guy, an austrian guy, and that dude that is afraid that the government controls his mind with cell-phones.

we already had the traditional belgian wedding-suit, so here is the traditional french one.

“.. you may kiss the bride.”

and here we see a traditional french wedding-night.

austria rules supreme, again. finally. suck it, france.

so, sorry for wasting your time again. if you want it back, simply check by at my corridor-room, i will gladly give it back to you. i have it stored under my bed.


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