greatest misses, part 8=D

okay, so sometimes it happens that neither “National Geographic” nor the “amazing pictures snapped by handsome photographers”-magazine want my pictures. its a rare occasion, but it happens. so i thought i could put them online, for your viewing pleasure. i know, its a really really nice thing to not even charge you anything for it, but hey, i have a big heart after all. anyway, if you feel like you really WANT to pay something for this outstanding experience, just send me a message. i´ll mail you my bank-account-info and a list of possible payment-options.

i feel like i really need to write something about that picture: its from a pre-party, and we watched WWF (WRESTLING IS REAL, AND IF YOU SAY SOMETHING ELSE YOU ARE A IGNORANT POOPY-HEAD.)

apparently it was a christmas special, so of course it featured a black santa, midgets, pale ginger irish wrestlers, fighting with cookie-plates and christmas-trees, and a total lack of upper-body hair. it was amazing.

thats it, breadcrumbs out!

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