pink party photos post, pronto!

i cant believe it. the first people here are already leaving. and in less than 1 month, even more people will be gone, and even though plans are already in the talking, realistically speaking the chances that we meet again aren´t the best. and let me tell you, this sucks a big bag of sweaty, hairy, stinking monkey-balls (i hope i painted a clear picture of that in your mind).

but where there is darkness, there of course always is light as well. light in form of awesome farewell-parties. and so it happened that we said goodbye to our pinkest member of the group. it sucks, but at least we could live our gay side TO THE FULLEST.

of course we had to prepare some stuff. and believe it or not, but my camera had a hard time with the white balance. when there is not a single white thing around its understandable though.

i mean, what should i write to describe this picture? maybe that i am surprised about the color of hassans wang, but then again, he is full of surprises.

lucien showing how incredibly stoked he is on partying.

PINK CAKE. no, let me rephrase that. FUCKING DELICIOUS PINK CAKE.

this was a test. i tried to look as stupid as i possibly could. i think i did quite well.

white cake, pink filling. amazing.

to the left: the woman of the night, the pink power. to the right: spain. me gusta.

time to use the in-camera-filters. yes, i am that creative.

i am getting some serious competition here.

whoever doubted that i am simply a walking sack filled with creativity, look at this. i took a picture of a picture. it blows your mind.

belgians have no government. but they do have a lot of love for each other. you two will be good parents.

david had too much fun. in his pants. he had too much fun in his pants. i cant stress this enough.

this pose basically describes how fabulous i felt that night.

salsa-class. those guys were there less than 1 week ago. now look at their faces. competely lost.

davids look is priceless. i guess he has some pants-fun again.

okay, the others had lessons in dancing salsa. but hassan and filip simply have it in their blood.

filip, desperately trying to explain us that his arms aren´t freakishly long. but trust me, they are.

“dude, drink something. you cant take this sober.”

dennis is gentle. and so emotional.

yeah, david, i couldnt express myself any better either.

saying goodbye sucks.

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