linköpings lights look likeable

so, what do you do at 1 pm in sweden? thats right, you grab your warm clothes, your flashlight, your camera and some friends and head to town. of course its already pitch-black-dark, you missed the 5minutes of weak sunshine whilst making your dinner. bad luck, i guess.

For the photo-nerds, all pictures were shot with my trusty, 20 year old fully manual 50mm/f1.7 lens. which may be the reason why some shots aren´t exactly sharp.

i was walking, minding my own business, suddenly a rabbit runs across the street. markus smelled him immediately and started to follow his track. sadly, he didnt catch him. next time, big boy.

the tunnel of doom.

a church.

using the magic of post-processing, i managed to make the aura of the church visible. its stunning, simply stunning.

ancient videogames.

its a picture of 2 leaves. swedish people collect the leaves when they fall down, then they make big piles, and then they dont care anymore.

more incredibly artsy stuff. my heart, it is heavy with the weight of the world.

slightly crooked view, and now it looks completely different. my heart isnt that heavy anymore. amazing.


that was it. short and sweet. like… something short and sweet.

read you later, suckers.

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