seeing stockholms sights seems super

the breadcrumbs spent 3 days in stockholm. pictures were taken, walks were walked, food was eaten, fun was had.

even though i am basically the son of Zeus and Xena, i do have mortal parents as well. and they visited me in sweden. and being the awesome parents they are, they brought awesome wine.

being the touristy tourists we were, we went to the vasa-museum. i expected the ship to be a lot bigger, it was only about 2m long. no wonder it sank when people entered it.

the colors were nice though.

oooh, so thats the real ship! i am a big dummy, i didnt see it.

that angel looked stupid.

i see dead people.

incredibly good self-portrait.

is that a picture of the pope? i think so.

let me explain that picture: its the sun and the moon.

more angels.

swedish people are lazy. they dont even finish a burial. but its gonna get cold soon, the corpse wont rot. i guess.

got your message, my dark lord!

its a picture of ducks.

that sheep had leafs on his back. oh sheep, you so crazy.

that squirrel was doing his stuff about 1m from all the people. then it ran between my legs. it didnt care. squirrels are bad-ass. they are the hells-angels of animals.

its a pig.


those bears were awesome. they didnt move. never.

there was a fox in there too.

an elk. they look stupid and are large. thats about it.


thats a really artsy picture. it has a wall and some leafs in it. amazing stuff.


lets end this kinda lame update with a picture of a tree. i remember when i went to blog-university to get my degree in blogology, my teacher told me “if you dont know how to end your blog-entry, why not use a picture or a sentence?”

this was a really really good tip.

i am tired, sorry for the lack of creativity.

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