telling the tales from tallinn: take two

so, as promised, here is the 2nd part of our spiritual journey to wonderful estonia. one might even say, the journey was … estonishing!

well, maybe its better to not say that, except if you have such an incredible bad taste in jokes as me.

if you look below, you can see a part of the city. and if you look very, very closely, you may be able to find about 15 churches.

estonian people love meat. plus, they know how to spell STYLE in their sleep.

if i had to make an educated guess, i would say “that dude was on the trip too”.

mighty hassan cant take estonia anymore. he needs shelter.

see, he looks MUCH better already. more like the wonderful prince he is.

the indian tiger showed her teeth too. hard to believe she is vegetarian.

streets, sun, estonians. nice.

thats what people in tallinn mean when they talk about “traditional estonian vegetarian meals”.

okay, its no church, but pretty close. but it also had a pretty awesome part. see 2 pictures later. but later.

no estonian fence can hold the egyptian Reinhold Messner.

remember when i told you that the cross had a good part too? come on, it was like 2 pictures above. anyway, i said the cross had a good part. and here it is. PERFECT MARBLE LEDGES. my skateboarder-heart was bleeding, and quite a lot as i can tell you.

oh, hello cross.

thats my shoe! look at it in all its glory!

i got some complaints that i am not “artsy” and “cheesy” enough on my blog. so grandma, there you go, cheesy enough?

urban graffiti. looking at my upper picture again, should i re-question my sexual orientation maybe?

And also, should i re-question my main mode of transportation?

estonia, you are killing me.

hassan, ready to get beamed up. please also notice Dennis in the back!

i think people in estonia call that a “tower with a flag”. i might be wrong though.

since david wasnt there, we needed a new H&M-model. so the government-free belgian had to do it.

he did well.

well done, handsome.

a wall, some bushes, and suddenly some leaves. amazing. only in estonia.

homophobia is a language spoken all over the world. shame on you, estonia!

now thats more the way i like it! peace, love, cheesyness.

from a vegetarians point of view, i have nothing to add to this picture.


in this picture: 1 thing that makes millions of people happy, and one thing that causes nothing but problems.

dr pepper makes people happy.

lucky for klara, this bear was already in his winter-hibernation.

with another photo-shoot coming up, bart DEMANDED clean shoes.

artsy fartsy. well, you could also say “that idiot took a picture of a closed window-.. thing.”

estonian, you are doing flipflopping wrong.

austrian coffee-culture. me gusta!

even though it was tempting, i did not “HIT IT!”.

bye bye, tallinn. thanks for having us.

time flies when you are having fun. or slow shutter speed.

Thats it! if you missed the first parts, they are hidden in a wooden box under the tree on that hill that is marked with an X.

or maybe on this blog.

thanks for reading, if something bothers you or if you just want to insult someone without a reason, why not send me a mail? i swear i wont read it, but still.

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