telling tales from tallinn.

so, we survived the night, got on our feet and left the boat to explore the wonderful city of tallinn. we sure as hell had an exact plan on what to visit and how to get there, because we were so well prepared. yes.

actually, no.


this is the first sight we went to. it an art-installation, and its supposed to show you the interaction of lifeless matter (the tire) with the giver of life (water). its beautiful, breathtaking, philosophical.

goddamnit it, its not art, its a fu**ing tire in a puddle of water.

bart didnt bring any shades (nor does he have a government), so he used the cracker as sunglasses.

there were many nice messages on the walls in estonia. i took pictures of them. pictures of words on walls.

cant argue with the italian cuisine.

apparently, tallinn is made up of 100s of churches, with some small streets and houses in between.

i think there is nothing to add to this picture.

should we go to SADAM or NUKU? we couldnt decide, but in the end we went to sadam.

hey, at least i tried!

thats a picture of a door.

of course, we didnt forget to enjoy some culture. so we stepped and jumped around on hamlet.

it was broken before we got there. we are slim, attractive young men and women, we cant break something like that with our lightweight bodies.

i really really like this picture.

hassan using his compass to find the right direction to mekka. prayin-time is always fine.

you should´ve seen dennis´s look when he saw those stairs. pure fear.

still, we  managed to get him up there. more or less.

the town. well, not all of it.

math isnt very big in estonia. WHAT IS THE ANSWER, GODDAMNIT?

we sat at this wonderful cafe. then we realize it was a curb and that the waiter was a dirty old peugeot. hah, good times all around!

“it was no cafe! it was a car! amazing!”

look at my shoes on the ground.

searching for the lost belgian.

thats the mayor of tallinn, probably. he shouted at me. he called me a big guy. you lost my vote, my friend!

that was a self-defense-course for women. bow and arrow. i heard that the crime rate went down quite a bit since they started that one.

we actually entered a church. upon entering, i saw a homeless-looking guy, drinking holy-water, pouring the rest over his head. then he came over, and made me take off my cap. his god obviously cant enter my head when i wear a cap. quite allmighty.

that was a thrashcan next to church. estonians are highly spiritious, drunk, believing people.

they locked that lamp. goddamnit, if it hadnt been locked, i sure would have stolen it. i love lamp.

that was on the wall of one church. i hope they are referring to old metallice, i cant approve of the new stuff.

thanks to the magic of DSLR-photography i took WAY too many pictures, so that concludes the first half of tallinn.

read you later, suckers.

no, please dont be insulted. come back. read more. dont leave. i am so alone.

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