rollin´ to tallinn.

you know, there comes a time in every 25 year-old-male-austrian-exchange-student-in-sweden´s life where he asks himself: “have you ever been to tallinn?” so if you happen to be a 25 year-old-male-austrian-exchange-student-in-sweden and if you answered “No!”, then you might understand why i had to do this highly spiritual journey to my estonian inner self.

since i thought it might be boring alone, i brought some other people too. they were alright. look at them in the picture. did you look? nice. of course there were more than those, because everyone wants to be around me all the time, but those guys/girls were the first i took pictures of. and the first you looked at, now.

as every spiritual journey, you have to clean your body by eating only the best of foods. so there was no questioning: we had to go to MAX.

walking frees your mind and soul. also, if you free your feet from your shoes in a very small cabin that is filled with 4 exhausted guys 2 hours later, you start getting really really nice hallucinations.

the chamber of cleansing. aka “the stink room”, as all guests in our cabin found out later.

the ship. well, not all of it, dumbass. its just a picture of a part of the ship. what a stupid question.

“so, the numbers are somehow related to the floor that one is at and that helps you to navigate through this floating piece of madness, or how does this work?”

i took a picture of the stairwells. because if i hadnt taken this picture, you wouldnt have been able to look at it here. (if someone actually knows english and stuff, please tell me how i should´ve written this correctly. tack sa mycket.)

we knew that there would be cheaper alcohol for sale on the ship because we would be in international waters and you can do whatever you want there since its basicall the wildwildwest of the sea, but selling children? that just goes too far.

for shame, Scanbalt-Cruises, for shame.

i didnt eat warm food on the ship because my religion forbids hot meals on boats, but if i were no member of the holy church of scientology (hey tom, maybe you are reading this? how are your tetan-levels today? mine are fancy-faboulistic!) i maybe would´ve eaten something here.

i have been thinking of something smart to write here, but i think this song explains the sign on this elevator just perfectly:

praying circle.

luckily, L.Ron Hubbard allowed me personally t drink beer. he said that he talked to Xenu, and that it wont hurt my tetan-levels. puh.

he may have no government, but at least the belgian has beer.

you may be able to tell from the looks on clements and hassans face, but there was some serious awesome-story-telling going on right there.

thats another ship. it floated majestically on the sea. oh boats, you so crahazay!

looking back to stockholm, knowing that the part of me that is the “not-tallinn-seeing-stefan” will never see this town again.

the stink-cabin had a strict clothing-policy.

that concludes the first day of the trip. at least the part that can be documented without violating some serious laws.

Tallinn will follow. soon.

all hail xenu. wuugouugouuwougo.

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