everyone is hung(a)ry.

when a vegetarian gets an invitation for french-made goulash with several tons of meat in it, he will OF COURSE say yes. and he will take his camera. to take pictures. and so it happened last week. and here are some pictures and totally related stories.

“is that a pot? i am not sure, what do you think? oh god, please tell me…”

french cook #2, along with his (at that point) new beard-style.

lets just use a few onions, huh?
(fun-fact: while eating, david asked if there were onions in it…)

the meat. parts of it.

belgian disturbances.

hassan, showing us how he usually grabs apples. or reciting shakespeare. or having a near-death-experience. or still trying to use “the force”. or reaching for the rainbow. or..

the german h&m model was there, too.

look at his bicept. so musculous. from all the rainbow-reaching, i guess.

indian hello.

since there was no vegetarian food there, i thought to myself i could at least have a vegetarian foot.

why cant you be chili-con-soja? WHY?

clement, thinking about tasting his feet as well. or maybe not.

put it in your mouth, adrien. put it there.

in sweden, people use metal objects to cook food in it. its very convenient, much better than the austrian way of holding everything in your hands until its done.

this stuff.

typical french food.

the only animal that survived the goulash-massacre.

it took about 2hours to cook it. so, what do you do when you are on erasmus and READY TO PAAAARRTTAAAYY? you play “connect four”. party on, wayne.

even crocodiles were harvested this evening. in beer-form. thats acceptable for me.

oh no you dont!

remember that slimy thing? its now a slightly less slimy thing.

no entrance for veggies.

“and stay outside..”

hassan, remembering driving school.

bart, you should get new glasses. seriously.

i think i found the reason for your bad eyesight. indoor-fog.

meet the meat.

yes, you can eat now david. go on, eat.

that stuff.

hungry already?

there is some left. but not for long.

the tragedy behind the success-story.

nice way of communication. but what else can you do if you live with non-swedes? talk to them? pah.

people liked it, i guess.

a fun night it was.

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