a fun night overall.

sweden is a strange country sometimes. whilst dressing fancy as hell at university seems to be a must, sometimes they go in complete opposite directions: wearing ugly, strangely colored, dirty overalls with patches and stripes and shit (well, not “shit”, but you know, stuff..). they help you to identify people of your own faculty, so you never have to talk to people of other faculties. puh.

so, of course, exchange students got a wonderful color: blue. and no, we dont look like car-mechanics at all. in order to look even more fabulous, we had an event to make them look fancy whilst playing games that make you look even more fancy whilst drinking the fanciest of drinks, home-made-wine.

as you might have guessed, it ended in animal-like behaviour. what follows now is my (feeble) attempt to recap that night.

most people used the street to arrive, but some just dont work that way. straight over the football-field it is.

all car-mechanics erasmus-students were hyped.

quick group shot. please note that shveta and hassan are outsiders. creepy, strangely colored (of course i mean their overalls) outsiders.

“creepy guy with a hat” aka captain cool aka “me” wanted to be on the picture as well.

3 beauties.

fun before the fun.

hassan is smoking hot. not even the camera can focus on that.

“i will get you while you sleep.”

those old people may have gotten the shock of their lifetime if they stayed there.

leader meeting. good luck on coordinating 200 drunk, anxious, blue-overalled exchange-students.

who would´ve guessed, they are actually listening. but only after the magical words “you play to win wine” were said.

the good stuff. actually, it was the bad stuff. water.

that game.

also: that game. it would be too easy to write something stupid here. keep your thoughts to yourself, dirty reader.

i cant remember your name, but you had some chocolate-pudding on you.

that game was called “irish christmas”. here you can see the start.

and that was the end of the game.

beautiful faces.


cocaine is a hell of a drug.

shveta, simply walking in my pictures. she doesnt care. at all.

DID YOU JUST TAKE A PICTURE OF ME? well, yes, i did.

all angryness is gone. love is in the air.

2 people. one of them has no government.

belgian friendship. they might not have a government, but at least they have each other.

french people often have drug problems, but mathieu simply takes it too far. lay off the columbian marching powder, my friend.

thats where addiction leads to: laying on the floor and begging for more. (how good was that rhyme? not even trying.)

“and dont you ever cross our territority again.”

normal behaviour. totally normal.

shveta touched that butt!

blue people.

dirty people. happy people.

austrian-belgian relations took a turn for the worse.


crazyness, pure crazyness.

cocaine is a hell of a drug.

tired people. dirty people. happy people.

barts glasses didnt survive the party. but he is a smart guy, he found replacement. maybe his country will find a government at some point too.

the end.

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