greatest misses, #2

sometimes, very very few times, hardly ever, once in a space-wasps-lifetime, it happens that i take a picture that i am not completely happy with. or that i have no use for, mostly because it has no belgians, boobies, babys, barns, bingo-games, binoculars or barbarians in it.

so then they kinda get lost on my harddrive, and at some point i find them, and i think: “fuck, i havent updated my blog in some time, so lets give them at least the scraps.”

so here they are, the b-sides, the songwriters behind lady gaga, the pictures that have the same fate as the dude that cleans the floor at mcdonalds: nobody thinks of them.

maybe only a little overedited… fuck.

the next pictures are from the campus valla (the university in linköping).

that think fucked with my eyes.

woofwoof, i am here to haunt you in your dreams and crush all your hopes. how creepy is that dog?

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