the island of cows and wows.

before writing my usually incredibly intelligent, well thought and totally not pointless post, i would really like to stress that i just got a message, that belgium is one step closer to a government. so please, everyone, include those poor guys in your prayers. their hearts are aching for direction, i see it in filips, barts and thiebauts eyes all the time. like little puppies without a master.

that being said, the second day started a little later for most, and of course it involved driving! after some time, we found a place that we wanted to see. so we saw it.

fucking awesome group picture and also a good lesson: maybe check your pictures carefully, it might happen that the stupid camera-operator aka captain cool aka me doesnt realize he isnt even on the picture. except for my left hand. damn it. but maybe it was better that way.

filip, explaining how big your mothers butt is.

belgians apparently never saw wood except in museums. and their look says it all: they still cant really believe what they are touching there. keep reaching for that wooden rainbow, my friends.

“hey, lets build a huge windmill.”

“fuck yeah, good idea! but how will we stabilize it?”

“lets take 3 small rocks and stack them, that should do the trick.”

“of course, how could i be so blind?”

you enter a windmill in the middle of nowhere in sweden, and the first thing you see: austrian graffiti. we are the scum of europe. shame on you, thomas and peter.

the securities didnt allow david to enter.

energy all around.


david is like a modern, german don quixote. but more handsome.

hassan, trying to find the purpose of that piece of wood. its a go-higher-into-the-air-wood, apparently.

picknick at the very south of öland, completely with cow-security all around. that place was so damn windy.

they were not amused.

how do you feel about your penis when you stand next to that thing? tiny, thats how. gustaf had to compensate for a lot.

300m to the most souther part of öland. i think. it is for me.

that duck had severe problems with jabba the hutt, obviously. the shoes too. (please tell me that someone gets that joke.)

those white spots are swans, in the sea. never saw that.

i am human, so i am superior to you clams, feel the wrath of my feet.

boxes with holes. maybe to catch some air? maybe not. also, they were attached to a stone. with a blue rope. interesting, huh?

i took a picture of that house.

smooth house with moose-handle.

belgian sledding. you just cant be mad at them, they have no government after all. let them have some fun.

as a skateboarder and vegetarian, i would never grind a pig. and imagine it, they grind pretty bad i suppose, how should i wax it anyway? and what kind of trick to do? nosepick on their nose? tail-slide on their curly tail? oh you so crahazay, piggies.

the belgians are invading.


christoph is the perfect young man, he just cant go anywhere without doing some good work.

well played, öland. you locked that catapult. i can only dream of the things we could´ve done with that thing.

someone would´ve gotten hurt really bad, no question.

“lets go home.”


so thats it. 2 awesome days of öland. thank you so much, bart, for organizing it. and thanks a lot to the drivers and their cars. it was a blast.

je veux que mes tétons s’envolent jusqu’a paris.

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