göteborg, the madness continues.

so after letting you wait for so long, i think its time to continue my lunatic diary of last weekends trip to göteborg.

after a pretty funny night with expensive clubs, DJ-Ötzi-songs in said clubs, marvin-gaye-listening-sessions on the streets of göteburg and a french moon rising at the university, we somehow made it out of our hostel in time.

as you can see, david fucking loves getting up in the morning.

shveta, smiling whilst thinking of some dirty stuff, i suppose.

upon arriving at the harbor, we try to gather everyone and go to the ferry. david is hyped.

how many students does it take to get parking-tickets? damn right, 4.

the motivation has reached a new high.

shveta was hyped.

i really really tried hard to find something to write about this picture. but goddamnit, just look at it. its perfect as it is.

we are in sweden, we get it, you people like to queue. thats the queue for the ferry, just in case i didnt mention it. we were going to an island. now you know. happy?

the germans found a way to queue AND cure their hangover at the same time. bad thing it only worked for the queueing part.

thats a picture of water, which was easy to take because we were on a boat and there was water all around us. so here is the picture now, complete with some finger in the lower right corner. its called art, bitches.

david really likes it when a male face is close to his. he feels comfortable.

all the looking-at-water was really tiring. dennis was so amazed, he fell asleep. possibly dreaming about splashing water.

it may look as if david was sleeping, but in fact he was doing sit-ups. i think that was at around 1207 or so, he usually does 3000 per day.

french people lost many wars already. here is adrien, following that tradition and losing to sleep.

hassan got his face stuck in the chair for 3 hours, nobody helped him since everyone thought he was sleeping. you should really stop trying to lick old chewing-gums under chairs, my friend. its dangerous.

zlata didnt catch the ferry, so she swam to the island. or she tripped and fell into the water. whatever you prefer.

a slimy friend.

yes, there are flowers in sweden.

the exchange-student-rock.

stupid swedish people lost their assemble-your-own-crab-kit here. enough material to build an army.

markus aka scarf-face, laughing at the stupid dead crabs.

who would´ve thought that someone would be so stoked on playing with a dead jellyfish?

thats symbolic.

why the fuck am i the only one that fucked up the “C” in YMCA? because i am stupid, thats why.

sitting and standing on stones. we like it.

the island was amazing, as was the weather.

it was so damn awesome, hassan forgot how to walk and used his hands. maybe the jelly-fish was poisonous after all?

i searched for that coffee for 3 hours. at least. but it was right there, on my hat. silly me.

the circle of trust. thanks for the weekend, fellas. and big thanks to Évi for being our guide!

but wait, its not over! we had to go home somehow. we chose to use the cars that we used to get down here in the first place. wise decision. and of course we had breaks on our way home. here we are at an (abandoned?) hotel.

the crew assembles for a creepy night-picture at yet another lake.

oh hello, i am a swedish highway-stop, that has all its lights turned on but i am closed. screw you, exchange students!

thats it, that was göteborg. thanks for reading. if you didnt like what i read, please write your complaints on a post it note and meet me in tornby at 3 am, i´ll be right in front of ikea to listen to all your critique. see you there! and dont forget to bring some orange juice!

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