browsing through the harddrive…

recently i was feeling all sentimental and gay (which is nothing new but still..), so i decided to go through some older pictures i had on my pc. and suddenly i realized: i want to share them with you. so every now and then, a batch of old stuff that never made it anywhere (which is basically all of my stuff) should at least find a way into your hearts. or at least onto your retina. or your thrash-can. whatever.

the pictures aren´t really in a chronological order, and i didnt order them according to penis length either. next time, maybe. no, for sure.

first one here was the reason for all this, a .gif i made from the manny-mania contest last year. i like it. especially the push after he lands his trick. me gusta.

this one is from a session where i tried a lot of things with my flash. andi got flashed.

beautiful ben with a beautiful fs-feeble.

blackandwhite – ben with a blackandwhite fs blunt.

sad-ben sitting in the sun.

ben is on a roll here. weird angle 5050. (hehe, benis…)

flip sw-ollie over the sun at goskateboardingday 2011. no big deal.

alex, kickflip at the yellowstone-national park. in hartberg.

lukas dunst, crazy skateboard-artistry. i like it.

and the last one is one of the first pictures i ever took at the kirsche. with a 50mm fully manual lens. i was simply lucky to get the focus kinda right.

thanks for reading/viewing or thanks to your workplace/university/alcoholism for giving you so damn much spare-time that you actually read this in an desperate attempt to flee the boringitivity (yes, its a word. now.) that surrounds you.

more to come, i guess the next ones wont be so skate-related.

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