swedish exams are strange. fika is not.

so, i/we had my/our first exam today. and let me tell you, whatever strange-ass country you are from (yes, of course i am talking about the non-government-having belgians), the procedure is different.

at first, there is a nice lady with a microphone, telling you what will happen next. i swear i was just waiting for her to point out the emergency exits and swim-vests.

then, they get their barcode scanners out, scan your card and you get another code, since the tests are anonymous. yes. they are.

and then you write the test. and do some paperwork. swedish love paperwork. you even have to mark properly, which parts you did. simply writing answers would be totally craaahahahazy.

but when you are done, you of course are the biggest fan of swedish culture again, since its fika time!

so, off to the international market we go!

some people dont like artichokes. not even after seeing that awesome picture. i think hitler didnt like them either. you want to be like hitler? no. eat them. they are awesome.

this is what polish people refer to as “small dinner for one”. i havent met a polish here yet, so if someone reads this and is polish: please comment. or not. maybe get some food first.

and this is what austrian erasmus students refer to as “dinner for two”. also, an indian foot is in this picture. cultural diversity! erasmus, you did it again.

so damn good. and so damn sexy hands.

Kmille likes fika! yes she does!

the female tasting the bread. she approved it.

markus, overwhelmed by taste. its a good thing!

klara, taking pictures of water. what is it with czech people and taking pictures of water?

the sweets in sweden overran my tastebuds faster than aforementioned dictator/dickhead overran polen.

where to take our next coffee? people are confused.

problem solved! but we didnt drink coffee. we bought beer at systembolaget. its important!

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