norrköping is superior.

so we made a trip to norrköping today. since i was a little (only little) hungover from the night before, i remember the bus like this:

in the very moment we arrive, we realize: norrköping has everything. look at them, trees. a shitload of trees.

lazy gardeners or modern art? when in norrköping, you can never be sure. they have it all.

another testamony how incredibly spoiled they are: they threw away a perfectly good comb.

on we go. we met this guy, but he wasnt really a talkative type. swedish, i guess.

next thing we see is the most traditional plant of sweden. the cactus. and they arranged it in a tricky manner.

steps into the water: check.

everything about norrköping is grand. even the hotel.

bikes in the river? perfectly normal in norrköping.

the awesomeness of norrköping struck us like a lightning. hassan has trouble walking. maybe he slipped on awesomeness.

if you still werent convinced that norrköping reigns supreme in awesome-ville, look at this. a frickin laserdome. markus and hassan have a look, but see no lasers.

no austrian flag. fuck you, norrköping.

this picture has it all. flowers, a church, traffic-signs.

hassan finds a mysterious cable. what might be the purpose of this miraculous thing?

of course, its an ass-cable! norrköping, you did it again.

cheese. on a wall. only in norrköping. only in norrköping.

i am spreading, mighty stormtrooper, i am!

this post needed some ducks. here they are.

then we found a train. look at it.

and also green stuff.

so thats it. norrköping. sick. i started sweating just writing this, you cannot imagine how it is to actually witness it. i´ll go to bed now, norrköping is killing me.

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