flip flipping his flop.

Friday evening, the perfect time for a traditional and honest swede like me to update my blog for the second time in 24 hours! and that all with just 4 coffees and 3 fikas in the meantime!

Today its time to show some quite artistic maneuvers of my new roommate, or to be clearer: the dude that was left behind in Graz.

Flip is his name, and he is merely the winner of a reality-show-esque series of trials and tests to become my flatmate.

yes, he is very nice, humble and doesnt smell bad, but he took the cake during the swimsuit-competition, no questions asked.

here he is with some different kind of moves, enjoy it.

again, clicking on the picture will make them larger than the budget of a anti-child-molestation-lawsuit-lawyer in the vatican.

he was feeling all dancy that day, so more twisting and shouting followed:

then off to newer fields, now problem for a brave guy like him:

dont forget to water the plants, homie!

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