erich dancing like the queen he is.

so, remember when i still had a life, a flat, a moustache, a car, a cat, clean boxershorts, a tiny little piece of self respect and belgium small hopes that it might have a government at some point? damn right, that was in austria, some time ago that seems so long as if the mountains have shifted and season changed.

and back in that fabulous country, i had the pleasure of meeting a mysterious person, nay, being. some dont even dare to say his name, but i am strong and far away, so i can speak it out without much fear. still, i always realize that my voice gets more silent when just thinking of him. yes its him, the guy that came from carinthia, conquered the bars, women and curbs of Graz and after destroying every spot and breaking many a young ladies heart went on to burn Vienna down.

but sometimes he still finds his way to Graz, and at one of these miraculous days i met him at the Kirschenallee, and i got the gift of shooting pictures with him. i shall now share them with you.


almost there…

not yet…

here they are:

fooled you. here they are:

(click on them for gigantomaniesque size! do it now!)

(i would like to add that the kickybacktail was first try, and that i never saw someone stand so comfortably in a backtail. goosebumps all around. i still dream about it regularly, and when i wake up, my weiner tickles.)

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