the prejudice-post!

(random disclaimer: everything that i write in that post is 100% serious, and if i insulted you, your country or the official bird of your nation, the best reaction would be to be totally pissed at me and delete me from your facebook.)

so of course you go on an erasmus-semester to meet new people, widen your horizon, see strange haircuts and pay enormous prices for beer, but you also come to know that so many stereotypes that you never thought were true are actually true. i mean, of course everyone knew that “Se Germans arr rilly bed ät inglish” and that the french only eat baguette and drink red wine, but what else have you come to know here? please feel free to post in the comments, that might be interesting.

i guess the funniest part was when i was talking to an asian girl and told her my name, to which she replied “its really hard to differentiate you european people, you all look the same!”

what else? that else:

swedish people dont talk to you, or they talk a lot, or something inbetween. also, they have blonde hair.

iranian people organize damn good parties.

spanish people are sleepy.

chilean people ride horses.

american people look like surfers.

austrian people wont dance since then they would spill their beer (or maybe thats just me.).

indian people live with at least 3 people in one room and play a nice mix of volleyball and kickboxing.

german people come in packs, and i mean real large packs, and refuse to speak anything but english.

people from czech get homesick when they see czech beer.

people from belgium hide bottles of alcohol under their shirts and have no government.

so basically, thats all that i can think of at the moment, but i guess there will be more soon.



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