so long, suckers!

as some of you may know (maybe not remember, but still know), verena, rebekka and i had a farewell-party on saturday, since the three of us didnt get our visas renewed and have to leave the country. verena got kicked to the UK, rebekka got Syracused, and i have to work in the acid-mines of sweden for the next 6 months.

we had a party, i took pictures, look at them and say “if he comes back, i am going to punch him in the face for taking that picture.”

please dont. (punch me.)

everybody loves the flash.

fighting tears after the news about amy winehouse.

she apparently wasnt that big of a fan.

ME GUSTA CAKE! how fuckin cool is that?

we like food!

still not sure about that flash-thingy.

deal with it!

“touch my food and die.”

“mach ma einen auf dicke hose.”

lukas apparently found god. right above his head.

“seriously? god?” “i´m sorry..”


my old roomie, siegi! thanks for showing up, dude!

just play some backstreet-boys and the crowd goes wild. guaranteed.


everybody loves nineties-euro-thrash.

that god dude again, always over everybodys head he is.

“not above mine.”

“look at my awesome tan!”

“so now my soul is captured in there or what?”

pre-marital relations? not at my party.

look at my tongue, its awesome!

“a bissl lauta, ha?”

thy will be done.

if you dont love spongebob (or patrick), you have no soul.

he doesnt drink. seriously.

i am watching you. always.

so, thats about it. at least the censored stuff.

i can´t thank you guys (and gals) enough for showing up. hard to imagine the next 6 months without you.

love you.

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