Remedy / StandOutRiot / BeattheRedLight

this “fuck nice evenings in the park, lets go and find the hottest sweatiest (and awesomesty-ish) venue in town and listen to awesome bands” – thing is getting out of hand. which isnt necessarily bad.

Yesterday, i had the pleasure to see the awesome “Remedy” for the first time. goddamn, they rock. please support them. just take a look at the singers t-shirt, HE IS BROKE AS FUCK. send them some money now. actually, send your money to me, i will send it to them. yes, thats the best way.

Next up was “StandOutRiot” from England, and they play Ska-Mosh. yes, that stuff. i had now damn idea what to expect, and it was awesome. like, dancing sweating and having fun non-stop awesome. also: 3 girls in the band!

And the last band was just fucking insane. Ska-Beatdown-Metalcore-Mosh? HOLY CRAP! that was the kind of band i never thought i would see, but i am damn happy i did. people went berserk, so did the band.

another sick evening at the fine “SUB”. sweat see you soon.

seriously, check out these bands. at least give them one go, its sick stuff.

2 thoughts on “Remedy / StandOutRiot / BeattheRedLight

  1. Hey man, awesome photos! Would it be possible for you to send them in a zip file or something? Any use would get full credit mentioned of course! Cheers, Will (

    Thank you sooo much for taking them, this is such an awesome little website you’ve got going here!!! Cant wait to play the SUB again!! Take care bro!!

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