Lifecrime / Heroes ´n´ Ghosts / Father and Gun

Yesterday was a really warm, awesome summer day. so what does every reasonably intelligent person do in the evening? thats right, you pay to be standing in a sweaty, steaming hot, crowded, loud, smoky basement and enjoy a nice concert. that, or you enjoy nature and drink white wine out of cartons. i chose option 1. so i saw the 3 bands, had a few beers, sweated my ass off and had fun. and i also took some pictures. that you can look at now. so look now.

the usual at the end: if you´d like to use any of these pictures, its cool and i am happy. it would just be nice if you left a comment here or hit me up with an email.

2 thoughts on “Lifecrime / Heroes ´n´ Ghosts / Father and Gun

  1. hi !

    I’m cle from the band father and gun – can we use/show these fantastic pictures you took of this show ? thanx man !!


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