TLS/Teenbeat Kicks/Beau Navire

soo, lets start this thing. first things first: a great show took place yesterday at the fine “SUB” in Graz. The line-up consisted of The Liberation Service, Teenbeat Kicks (no, those werent costumes doh…), NSHCTL (which i didnt see..) and Beau Navire who had a pretty awesome show. also, a drummer with a “Free Earl” shirt.

I took some pictures with my shiny new fisheye, but didnt take my flash with me, so the crappy on-camera-flash had to do his work. live and learn.

the link to the album:

TLS/Teenbeat Kicks/Beau Navire

now my children, go out, spread the hype, theres a new hip blog in town. get ready for pictures of concerts, skateboarding, maybe even people, cats, stones, empty chewing-gum-wrappers and some angry rambling by an old guy.

enjoy, and read you soon!

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