Goodbye “The Liberation Service”. Also: Astpai and Deadnotes


so, say you have a incredibly itchy wart, then having it for 7 years would suck. seeing “the liberation service” for 7 years was quite the opposite end of the pleasure spectrum.

nonetheless, this wednesday their 2nd to last show ever (ever? #reuniontour?) took place at good old Sub Graz. thanks for all the good times, guys and girls. and best luck to your future endeavours. just one hint: verena, please try to move a little more to the center of stages, and finally get that smile/non-smile ratio figured out. just a tip from a wise male, i know you`ll love that.

on a more positive note, it was also part of the Astpai 15 year anniversary tour, which is pretty mindblowing if you think about it.

aaand: holy f**k, how good are the deadnotes? didnt get a picture of them since sub was crowded, but trust me, if you listen to their record its gonna be way more fun than watching my crappy photos anyway.



Deadends Release Show with Antimanifest / Igel vs Shark

with the rise of trump, and generally far right powers all over the world i thought to myself “what can i do to prevent this?”. sure enough, the only solution could only be a new blog entry. it has become obvious that my lack of said posts and rise of negative political powers is closely linked.

so here are my shots of yesterdays show at musichouse. thanks to Deadends, Igel vs Shark and Antimanifest, it was a blast!


Barrier Reef/The Great – Despite Everything @ Musichouse Graz, 31.5.2016

so, last few days have been pretty packed. first spring festival graz, then off to croatia to lighthouse festival, then back to my roots, switching from electronic music to guitars and entering the dark, sweaty, smoke filled catacombs of Musichouse. but it all was worth it.

missed the first band due to me not being able to read the time properly. sorry guys.

the amazing all-star combo Barrier Reef/The Great played its first show in quite some time, and it was intense. hopefully the crowd is gonna appreciate that next time. to be fair, it was tuesday and goddamn steaming in there.

next up were Despite Everything, whose energy and fun on stage was only trumped by their amazing mustaches. great evening, no complaints here.

check out those bands. send me money. be kind to each other.

Turtle Video Premiere

the amazing Turtle Crew put out their very first full length this friday! the premiere at Schikaneder cinema in vienna was packed with beautiful people, and i managed to make them all look shitty!

the video is so damn good, i have to insist that you get yourself a copy.
at freedom skateshop vienna or Graz for example.

outstanding work Luki! so stoked on it.

Savanah at Musichouse Graz, 24.10.2015

after what seems like eons, heres a small update.
lotsa stuff going on behind the scenes. best check (and like!) my facebook page or just stay alert.

Savanah played an amazing show. if you get the chance, check those guys out for sure (as well as all other bands on Stonefree Records!)

serious session.

lots of people think that shooting skate-photos is simply going out and pressing a button. but no, theres more. forcing people to do stuff they dont want to, laying in the dirt and giant dogs trying to eat your face. this day had it all.

but first things first: preparation of the spot. Johannes unscrews the rail while Lukas checks the fabric of his shirt. #teamwork

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